Is this Tesla the future of road transport?

TSB Transporte y logística Testa Semi

Is this Tesla the future of road transport?

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Recently Tesla announced a fully electric truck. The Tesla Semi. We review the main characteristics of this avant-garde model.

The Tesla truck has stylized lines that look futuristic, far from what you’ve seen on the roads so far. Without any doubt when it starts to circulate it will attract a lot of attention. In addition, you will have a unique aerodynamic truck that exceeds that of many super sports.

The Tesla Semi incorporates the characteristic autopilot of Tesla. With the aim of increasing safety in driving. Inside, the driver is sitting completely centered in the cabin. What allows a better frontal vision of the road. But you will ask, what happens with the lateral vision by the rear-view mirrors? Tesla has eliminated them. Does not have. Some cameras allow you to see everything that happens around the truck through two 15″ screens.

If we talk about numbers, Elon Musk has ensured that the transmission will have a durability of 1.5 million kilometers. An autonomy of up to 800 kilometers and with a load of 30 minutes will have an approximate range of 600 kilometers. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds, only with the tractor unit. And with full load reaches them in 20 seconds.

Although there is still not much information, it is speculated that the model of 480 kilometers of autonomy will have an approximate price of 125,000 euros. And about 168,000 euros the model with 800 kilometers of autonomy. It is scheduled to be released in 2019.

Will this new Tesla Semi be a preview of what the future in road transport will bring? Without any doubt everything that contributes to improve the safety and reliability of the vehicles, both for drivers and for the rest of those involved in driving, as well as a greater respect for the environment, is welcome.

TSB Transporte y logística Testa Semi
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