E-Commerce status in 2017

TSB transporte y logística E-commerce transporte dinamizador 2017

E-Commerce status in 2017

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The following conclusions highlight the latest document on the state of ecommerce in Spain in 2017 carried out by the Cetelem Observatory.

The sectors that grew above average in e-commerce were related to tourism, leisure and consumer electronics. Growth was up 15% higher.

The number of consumers who make several purchases over the internet per week has gone from 8% in 2016 to 10% in 2017.

In 2017 much more has been spent on purchases over the internet, while it has been financed by higher amounts.

The Marketplace becomes the preferred place of purchase by Internet users in almost all sectors, ahead of the store type web and the manufacturer’s websites.

As we have already mentioned in previous occasions, ecommerce is one of the most important transformative elements in the transport and logistics sector and is now one of the main dynamic agent.

Those who want to know more can download the full report at the following link (only Spanish available).

TSB transporte y logística E-commerce transporte dinamizador 2017
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