Eco-friendly tires?

TSB transpsorte y logística neumáticos ecológicos

Eco-friendly tires?

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The transport sector and, in general, road traffic, is one of the main responsible for CO2 emissions. To partially alleviate this effect and achieve more environmentally friendly tires, for a few years now, the main tire manufacturers are making important advances in the development of green tires, since tires are the cause of 20% of the total consumption of the vehicle, due to the resistance produced by rolling on the road.

This new generation of tires is characterized by a lower friction of the tires in contact with the surface of the road, and for this they are investigating and starting to use new generation compounds, after which there is a real effort of innovation.

All brands are experimenting with different types of alternative materials, with the objective of stopping using materials such as isoprene, a derivative of petroleum- or silica. Biolsoprene, or compounds based on corn or rice husk are materials of this new generation.

In addition, it is intended while these new materials guarantee the same quality as that of the current compounds. At the same time, you get better tire performance and better safety.

Therefore, the two great advantages for the user of this type of ecological tires are: a lower fuel consumption and a greater longevity of the tires.

The calculations that are made for the savings that this type of tire vary depending on the manufacturer, but in general lines all agree that can produce savings of up to half a liter of fuel per 100 km, that tires can travel between 20- 40% more than additional kilometers, extending the useful life of the tire. As well as, a reduction in the level of polluting emissions between 4 and 7 grams per kilometer traveled, compared with traditional tires.

But we must not forget that we, individually, can also contribute to this initiative to reduce the environmental impact of the tire industry, performing an efficient driving (without sudden acceleration, adequate vehicle climate control, …), which will also translate into a reduction of fuel consumption. But above all, in a safer driving for all.

TSB transpsorte y logística neumáticos ecológicos
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