Sccobic, new vehicle of transport of goods 100% electric

TSB transporte y logística Scoobic

Sccobic, new vehicle of transport of goods 100% electric

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The logistics and distribution companies may have a new vehicle in their fleets. A vehicle more agile, more economical and that will facilitate the delivery of the parcel in the urban centers (last mile), even in streets restricted to traffic. The new Scoobic vehicle is scheduled to start commercialization in June 2019.

This Spanish proposal of 100% electric vehicle, hopes to revolutionize the distribution in cities. It is presented as the solution to the challenge of the last mile, since it combines the agility and speed of a motorcycle with the possibilities of loading a van.

The last mile deals are still an important headache for many companies, since it is where there is the most traffic and pollution. These companies are trying to find solutions to the important logistical challenge that the growth of ecommerce is causing. Solutions that are flexible, effective and comply with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, especially in the city center.

The Sccobic is 100% electric with removable and interchangeable batteries in one minute. The charging time is minimal. It has an autonomy of 300 kilometers. And it can carry up to 750 kg.

It is a vehicle «000 emissions» (zero fumes, zero traffic jams and zero noise). In addition, it has a system of aspiration of suspended particles – an ion electrofilter – that filters the carbon particles and emits clean air. That is, not only does it not pollute, but it also decontaminates.

A Scoobic can clean and filter, in 8 hours of distribution, more than 20,000 cubic meters of air.

One of the great advantages and innovations of this vehicle is that it can easily be transformed into a wheelbarrow, making it ideal for accessing pedestrian streets.

However, the Spanish manufacturer of the town of Dos Hermanas has not wanted to stay there and has incorporated to each unit a defibrillator, with which delivery people can attend people who have suffered a heart attack. For this they will have an application for which they can be notified.

Do not you want to see it and move around the cities?

TSB transporte y logística Scoobic
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