Bibendum celebrates 120 years

TSB transporte y logística Bibendum 120 años

Bibendum celebrates 120 years

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TSB transporte y logística Michelin Poster Bibendum 1898

The famous doll of the Michelin tire brand celebrates its 120 years of existence.

Bibendum was created in 1898 at the request of the Michelin brothers to the great poster artist, and one of the pioneers of animation, Marius Rossillon known by O’Galop.

The story tells that the Michelin brothers were in an exhibition, in the year 1894, when one of the brothers, saw a lot of wheels stacked, at that time he told his brother that he looked like a man and that he just lacked arms.

With that idea in mind, four years later, the brothers commissioned O’Galop to create a logo. It was in April of 1898, when Bibendum was presented in a poster entitled «Nunc est Bibendum.» This phrase referred to a poem by Horacio.

And from there, to our days, in which the famous doll has become one of the most long-lived and internationally recognized pets.

TSB transporte y logística Bibendum 120 años
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