The most demanded profiles in logistics

TSB transporte y logística perfiles más demandados en logística

The most demanded profiles in logistics

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ICIL Foundation recently presented the third study of the most demanded profiles in the logistics sector. The data has been obtained from the analysis of their job bank.

The main conclusion is that the sector is in full growth. The job offers presented increased by more than 170%. These offers are increasingly international, and come from countries such as China, France, Mexico or Thailand.

Temporary contracts have almost tripled and now account for 17% of the total offers.

The profiles most in demand, in the ICIL job board, are intermediate and executive junior managers, 70% of the total.

A profile with a comprehensive vision of the entire supply chain is mainly sought, accounting for almost 21%, followed at a certain distance by profiles oriented towards the purchasing, production / operations and transport areas.

The importance of new technologies, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Deep Learning is reflected in the growing hiring of positions related to logistics in information technology (IT) companies. And job offers begin to appear for network managers or Community Manager for the Supply Chain sector.

The companies that have hired the most, 38% of the offers, are companies with workforce that are between 100 and 1,000 workers.

TSB transporte y logística perfiles más demandados en logística
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