Robot or transport vehicle?

TSB transporte y logística - Nuro vehículo de reparto eléctrico 002

Robot or transport vehicle?

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Today we bring you a completely new concept and in the final development phase, but that has caught our attention because of its novelty, and because of the recent and huge funding it has received. It is called Nuro and is an autonomous transport vehicle.

The Nuro company was founded in 2016 by two former Google engineers, Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. Specialized in robotics and «machine learning», they were on the Google development team as main engineers for the autonomous car project, called Waymo,

The «start-up» was born in San Francisco with less than 100 million dollars of financing, but recently, in the last round of financing carried out, the company has received a whopping nearly 1,000 million dollars. It has been the Japanese telecommunications and internet company Softbank that has decided to invest such a large amount of money.

The Nuro is a vehicle, robot?, designed exclusively for a local cast, to take home the purchase or any order you make in your favorite Ecommerce.

It is a completely autonomous, fast and safe vehicle. Its interior can be adapted to any transport need.

We still do not have data on their autonomy and scope. But we are sure that in a short time we will hear about this project.

TSB transporte y logística - Nuro vehículo de reparto eléctrico 001

Video Nuro

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