DBK Observatory sector logistics operators

DBK Observatory sector logistics operators

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In March the twenty-third edition of the DBK Sectoral Observatory study belonging to the Logistics Operators sector was made public.

This annual study aims to clarify what have been the most recent trends in the sector, the evolution suffered, the key factors for success, what forecasts have companies belonging to the sector of logistics operators, as well as opportunities and threats they have occurred throughout 2018.

The report shows that the volume of business generated by logistics operators has reached 4,500 million euros. Including storage and all operations associated with the storage of the goods.

Therefore, the positive trend of previous years is maintained. Certifying in this year 2018 a growth of 5.6% with respect to the year 2017. Being slightly lower than the growth obtained in 2017 with respect to 2016 which was 6.5%.

As DBK explains in this report, the main variables that have had a positive effect on this growth have been: the outsourcing of logistics services, the growth of international transport and the excellent performance of electronic commerce.

They also highlight that food and beverage products are still the main segment of demand, constituting more than 40% of the value. Followed by automotive and electrical and electronic machinery.

The number of employees in the sector reaches 20,000.

And a curious fact that is reflected in this study is that, among the top ten companies in the sector reach a market share of 59.8%

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