First hydrogen refueling station in Spain

TSB transporte y logística - estación hidrógeno

First hydrogen refueling station in Spain

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Madrid was the first city chosen by Toyota, Enagás and Urbaser to install the first hydrogen station in Spain.

The new station will be in the north of Madrid, at Avenida de Manoteras number 34, allowing the first hydrogen cars in the capital to refuel in it.

This station will be able to supply approximately 10 kilos of hydrogen per day with a refueling pressure of 70 MPa. This will allow you to enjoy refueling times of less than five minutes, a huge advantage over the charging time of electric cars.

Toyota will transfer 12 Mirari units to the project. The Mirai is a 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions, which incorporates a hydrogen fuel cell (FCHEV).

It is driven by the electricity produced by the chemical reaction between oxygen (which it takes from outside air) and the hydrogen it stores in its tanks.

It has a power of 155 HP and the range is about 500 kilometers

This is another step in the commitment to the environment and the decarbonization of transport. In this objective, hydrogen plays a fundamental role in sustainable mobility due to its zero-carbon footprint, as well as being an inexhaustible resource that can be produced in a sustainable manner and easily transported.

TSB transporte y logística - estación hidrógeno
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