Toyota Mirai truck

Toyota Mirai -TSB transporte y logística

Toyota Mirai truck

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A few days ago, we were talking about the initiative of the first hydrogen station in Spain that will be located in Madrid.

Today we want to talk about the Toyota Mirai truck.

This truck uses a technology based on the technology of the Toyota Mirai car, which will be part of the commissioning of this hydrogen station as a test car for the correct operation of the station.

Toyota is part of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) as a promoter partner. Its objective is to promote and improve their knowledge about the use of hydrogen technologies.

The Mirai truck has been developed by Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) under the «Project Portal» as part of Toyota’s commitment to the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The project is being carried out in the Port of Los Angeles, where it is intended to demonstrate the viability of this fuel to reduce emissions.

These types of vehicles are similar to electric vehicles with a basic difference, instead of batteries they have a tank where hydrogen is stored. Hydrogen is supplied from this tank to the fuel cell to produce electricity as it is needed, generating water as the only waste.

Recently a new version of the Mirai was presented that will have an autonomy that will be around 500 km. Which exceeds the initial version presented more than 160 km a while ago.

Toyota has commented that the new version will exceed the global figures of the first version, which had an electric motor of 679CV, 1,749 Nm of maximum torque and a load capacity of 32,287 kilos.

The great advantage of this type of vehicles with respect to current electric vehicles is the refueling time, that varies between three and five minutes.

Toyota Mirai -TSB transporte y logística
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