Electrified road in Sweden

Carretera electrificada - TSB transporte y logística 001

Electrified road in Sweden

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A stretch of two kilometers of road between the Arlanda airport and the Rosenberg logistics center in Stockholm was inaugurated a few years ago.

I don’t know if you remember the Scalextric? As this road used a similar technology capable of charging several electric vehicles while driving on an electrified rail.

The vehicles are equipped with a kind of connector hook under their chassis. This hook, carries a magnet that makes it descend when it is on the rail, and that goes up automatically when it separates from it, for example, when advancing or deviating from the road.

When this hook comes into contact with the electric rail inserted in the asphalt, the road makes available to the car 200 Kw of power, which means ten times more than a conventional charger, enough to power the engines of several cars and even trucks of 18 tons running at the same time on the rail.

Initially this road was intended only for truck traffic and was a truck of the company Post Nord, the first truck to use the world’s first electric highway.

The Swedish entity responsible for Transport (TRAFIKVERTEK) planned a larger pilot project, up to 30 kilometers, to be carried out over the next three years. In addition, they also aim to electrify the triangle that links Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, about 1,365 km, and which estimates generate 70% of heavy goods traffic in the Swedish country.

Recently a similar road has become news again, since near Stockholm, a first stretch of electrified highway of two kilometers has been released with a technology that will mean a great step for its definitive expansion.

One of the great advantages of this new technology is its cost. Performing a kilometer costs one million euros, 50 times less than the cost of taking the tram to the cities.

But do not think the recharge will be free. This new technology allows to calculate the energy that each car consumes to charge the user accordingly.

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