State of conservation of roads

Conservación carreteras -TSB transporte y logística

State of conservation of roads

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The AEC (Spanish Road Association) and the CEA Foundation recently presented the study of “Perception of the state of conservation of Spanish roads”.

The report has been carried out through an online satisfaction survey in which 1,105 people participated.

The main conclusion that the report throws is that 60% of the users consulted reported having suffered a security problem related to the poor state of the roads. Although in 90% of the cases it was not a serious mishap.

Of every 13 kilometers of Spanish roads, one kilometer presents some kind of damage or significant deterioration – such as potholes, ruts and cracks – in more than 50% of the pavement surface,

These data are in line with a survey that was carried out among truck and professional bus drivers conducted by the Spanish Road Association in 2013.

65% of these professional drivers claimed to have ever had a road safety problem caused by the poor state of the road. And 88% argued that a poor road significantly influenced the onset of fatigue.

A prominent element among a large majority of those consulted is the lack of investment in the last 10 years, as well as the need to increase the road maintenance of Spanish roads.

In that same report, the participants rated the worst Spanish roads. Among those were the N-340, which stretches from Cádiz to Barcelona along 1,248 kilometers across the Mediterranean coast, and the A3 (Autovía del Este).

Among the best were the AP7 (Mediterranean Highway) and the A6 (Northwest Highway).

This lack of investment was also evident in the results of the report on the state of conservation of Spanish roads. Between 2016 and 2018, the investment deficit in the infrastructure of the Spanish road network has increased by 7%.

In this link you can download the full report (only in Spanish).

Conservación carreteras -TSB transporte y logística
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