Lack of infrastructure investment

Inversión en carreteras Ingenieros - TSB transporte y logística

Lack of infrastructure investment

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A recent study by the Association of Civil Engineers of Channels and Ports and Civil Engineering (AICCP / IC) figures in 18.3 billion euros the annual investment in infrastructure that will be required over the next ten years to maintain, conserve and rehabilitate the Spanish road network.

In 2017, 8,788 million euros were dedicated. This proposed figure represents a 108% increase over the figure dedicated to this item in 2017.

Of the 18.3 billion euros, about 6.5 billion euros per year, should be used for conservation and maintenance. This figure would represent an increase of 76.2% over the item invested in 2017, which was 3,690 million euros.

The AICCP / IC report highlights the lack of funding that has existed in recent years and has caused a severe deterioration in public works infrastructure.

According to these data, the report confirms that Spain is among the countries with the lowest percentage of GDP dedicated to financing the road system. In 2006, 0.83% of GDP was invested and in 2016 it was 0.34%.

This lack of funding is basically due to the fact that the crisis forced the investments dedicated to this item to be able to comply with the budget cuts that Brussels demanded.

For this reason, the engineers in their report request an effort from the state to recover the lack of resources in recent years, both in the maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation of the network, as in the creation of new infrastructure, all to avoid more the degradation of public works infrastructure.

In addition, the AICCP / IC asks that the adaptation of public works infrastructure to new technologies be analyzed carefully, such as the adaptation to the autonomous car.

We leave you the link to the study: (only available in Spanish)

Inversión en carreteras Ingenieros - TSB transporte y logística
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