The mobility of the future according to Hyundai

Hyundai TSB transportes y logística 01

The mobility of the future according to Hyundai

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Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) unveiled its vision of mobility in the North American Commercial Vehicles Show (NACV), with the presentation of two new vehicles.

One of the new models presented is the HDC-6 Neptune Concept, a Class 8 heavy truck.

The second model has been presented by Hyundai Translead (HT) – one of the leaders in the manufacture of conventional and refrigerated trailers, as well as platforms, dollies and chassis for the transportation industry in North America – with a new prototype ecological trailer refrigerated, the HT Nitro ThermoTech.

According to Hyundai «The combination of the tractor and trailer opens a window to the future of transportation in the United States and around the world.»

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The HDC-6 Neptune, is the first hydrogen prototype within the line of commercial vehicles of Hyundai Motor Company.

According to Hyundai, «the fuel cell is the perfect technology for heavy trucks and long-distance services due to its wide autonomy, its greater payload, its shorter refueling time and, ultimately, its lower operating costs.»

The new tractor grille is nothing more than the reflection of the innovations in design carried out by Hyundai to achieve significant improvements in efficiency and ergonomics.

Everything is so studied that Hyundai has inserted in the grill itself some retractable steps to access the cabin.

Hyundai TSB transportes y logística 01

The HT NITRO ThermoTech trailer uses a cryogenic nitrogen cooling system. The carbon footprint of the HT NITRO ThermoTech conceptual trailer is up to 90% smaller compared to a traditional unit.

The purpose of this trailer is to reduce greenhouse gases and dependence on fossil fuels.

The unit features new and improved structural designs. The side wall, the front wall and the roof are built in one piece, with foam sandwich panels and fiber reinforced polymer coatings.

The materials themselves are manufactured without posts and without roof arches.

All these features make it a much lighter trailer than the traditional ones maintaining the same cubic volume of cargo.

In addition, the temperature is reduced more quickly than in a traditional refrigeration unit and is maintained at the desired level with much more precise control.

Maximum power is always available, even when the truck’s engine is off or stopped, which makes it an optimal trailer for transporting cold chain products.

Another important advantage is that the cooling unit of the HT Nitro ThermoTech practically does not emit noise, thus significantly reducing noise pollution.

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