Employment evolution in January

Empleo enero 2020 TSB transporte y logística

Employment evolution in January

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As some reports had already advanced and we picked up in an article recently, the hiring of workers in the transport and logistics sector has started 2020 with a considerable increase.

The number of contracts that have been carried out in this January in all sectors in Spain amounted to a total of 1,764,837 contracts, 1.4% less than in December 2019.

If we focus on the transport and logistics sector, during this past January 119,794 new contracts were registered in the sector. 4.56% more than in the same month of January 2019.

Of these 119,794 contracts, 115,395 contracts, are new contracts. 4.39% more than in 2019. And 4,399 were contracts that have become undefined, an increase of 9.32% compared to 2019.

By activity segments, 38,334 contracts have been made in land transport, 19.15% more than in December 2019. Of which 35,241 are initial contracts and 3,093 become undefined.

1,046 contracts have been made in maritime transport, all initial.

1,238 contracts have been made in air transport, 25.87% more than a month ago.

On the other hand, in the segment of storage and activities attached to transport, 55,624 people have been hired, 2.06% more than last December.

The average duration of the new contracts in the logistics sector this January has reached 37.03 days, compared to 36.78 days recorded in October.

It was the companies that have between one and ten workers, which are the most common in the sector, the ones that made the most contracts in the month, totaling 25,992 employment contracts in the period.

By professional category, the most demanded in the sector have been that of machine operators, with 41,082 hires, and elementary occupations, for which 39,469 new contracts have been carried out.

The administrative and accounting positions in the transport and logistics sector were closed with 25,902 new employment contracts.

By autonomous communities, in Andalusia 20,810 contracts have been signed in the transport and storage sector. Secondly followed by Catalonia where 19,507 contracts were registered. The Community of Madrid was the third with 16,454 contracts. And, fourthly, the Valencian Community where 13,005 were held.

Empleo enero 2020 TSB transporte y logística
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