The most popular profiles in 2020

Perfiles más demandados 2020 TSB transporte y logística

The most popular profiles in 2020

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Recently the Spring Professional consultancy belonging to the Adecco group presented its XV Report ‘The + Wanted’.

This report includes how the most sought-after professionals have changed during the last fifteen years and the forecasts on the profiles that will be the most demanded in the job market during this 2020.

The report reveals that the Spanish labor market during 2020 will require candidates with multidisciplinary profiles, of a multipurpose nature, with analytical capacity and results oriented. Proactivity, strategic vision and adaptation to change are other requirements that become essential in 2020.

The report carefully analyzes all the professions and highlights that there are some professional profiles that are not affected by all these new requirements, and that continue and will continue to be in demand, such as general practitioners, commercial managers, controllers, engineers or computer programmers.

The most demanded technological profiles have changed and considerably. A few years ago, knowledge of SAP technologies or web programming was required. Currently specialized profiles in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are requested.

Marketing and sales profiles have also undergone a major transformation. If we look 15 years ago, the profiles required were the sales specialists, capable of managing marketing at the point of sale. Today what is sought are fully digital profiles specialized in online trading strategies, and with a good background in Ecommerce.

In the logistics sector, the study indicates that the Supply Chain Specialist position is the profile that will be most in demand, and that of Supply Chain director will be the most sought-after in the market due to the strong increase that the logistics sector is experiencing.

The Supply Chain Specialist is responsible for the general inventory management in relation to replenishment of supply, quality management, cost control and the achievement of the objectives of its department within the framework of the supply chain objectives.

The Supply Chain Director is responsible for the planning, procurement-purchasing, warehouse, transportation and customer service areas within the company.

The challenge for companies will continue to be to attract and retain the best talent.

For those who want to have all the information, we leave you the link to the full report.

Perfiles más demandados 2020 TSB transporte y logística
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