Impact of ecommerce on the logistics and transport sector

Ecommerce dbk TSB transporte y logistica

Impact of ecommerce on the logistics and transport sector

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In a recent study, the DBK Sector Observatory of Informa estimates that electronic commerce already generates a business of 1,850 million euros.

The volume of business attributable to the provision of storage, transport and distribution services related to electronic commerce operations increased by 19.4% in 2019, reaching the figure of 1,850 million euros.

This growth continues to be based on the general growth of the economy, which, despite starting to indicate a trend towards the slowdown, maintained a positive evolution during 2019.

Electronic commerce between companies and individuals (B2C) grew by 32.4% in 2018, while the estimate for 2019 would be over 25%. Reaching a figure close to 52,000 million euros.

The increase in the number of online shoppers and the sharp increase in average spending per buyer fueled sales growth.

The report shows that transport companies continue to work to improve delivery times, make schedules more flexible, increase collection possibilities, expand transport routes and platform and warehouse networks, particularly in hubs in urban settings.

And the sustainability of the fleets is becoming increasingly important given the increase in traffic restrictions in the city center and the high sensitivity shown by society due to the impact of the carbon footprint.

Ecommerce dbk TSB transporte y logistica
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