Segunda oleada del Barómetro Lean & Green

TSB transporte y logística segunda oleada del Barómetro Lean & Green de AECOC 01

Segunda oleada del Barómetro Lean & Green

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According to the results of the second wave of the Lean & Green Barometer carried out by AECOC, sustainability continues to grow in importance in the logistics strategy of companies.

According to data from this second wave, 100% of companies have once again put sustainability at the center of their logistics strategies. 71% maintain that this aspect has the same importance as before, while 29% believe that its relevance is even greater.

In the data from last May, 11% of companies considered that logistics had ceased to be a priority in the new environment caused by the health crisis, by 89% who believed that it was equal or more important than previously .

41% of companies focus on reducing emissions generated by their activity as their priority area of ​​action, 27% on transportation management and 12% on waste generation and recycling protocols.

The barometer also asks for an opinion on what are the main changes that the health crisis has brought with it and that will have an impact on the management of emissions generated in the logistics and transport sector.

The opinions identify a number of potential opportunities: 35% estimate that the acceleration that is already taking place in the digitization of processes will help reduce the decarbonization of logistics. And 10% see the local procurement model that is being consolidated as a key element.

As a risk, 53% think that the growth of Ecommerce and home services generates greater complexity in the sustainable logistics strategy.

TSB transporte y logística segunda oleada del Barómetro Lean & Green de AECOC 02

In long-distance transport, the solutions must come from the growth of gas-powered vehicles, as well as other possible new motorization models, and that hydrogen is consolidated as a sustainable alternative in transport in the long term.

In the field of logistics distribution in cities, electric vehicles are called upon to lead sustainability.

For those who want all the information here you have the link to the full report (only in Spanish).

TSB transporte y logística segunda oleada del Barómetro Lean & Green de AECOC 01
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