Five trends in fleet management for 2021

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Five trends in fleet management for 2021

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In a year that should be marked by the progressive return to normality and the economic recovery of the activity, Geotab highlights five major trends in fleet management.

Geotab is one of the world leaders in connected mobility and fleet electrification and is committed to these five factors as key elements for 2021: data analysis, keyless mobility, greater adoption of electric vehicles, the prominence of logistics and transportation, and the digitization of truck fleets.

1) In this situation of uncertainty, data analysis will become one of the main assets for this year.

In an environment like the one we are going to face in 2021, companies will have fewer company vehicles and managers will have to focus on aspects such as cost savings and efficiency.

The analysis will help determine variables such as the most appropriate fleet size to deal with such a situation. Fuel consumption and driving profiles.

The application of telematics will help reduce costs, improve safety thanks to predictive maintenance and driving analysis to reduce risks on the road.

2) A second factor will be vehicles with a digital key, called keyless mobility. A greater digitization will be sought in the reservation processes of their vehicles. This means that customers can reserve, rent and use a vehicle without having to go through a counter.

3) Adoption of electric vehicles. As we have already commented on some occasion, the 17 countries of the European Union have committed to reaching the goal of 0 emissions in all their vehicles by the year 2050. Therefore, the future of fleets will be electric despite the fact that this type fleets will have to face some important challenges such as the infrastructure of charging points in our country or the autonomy of vehicles

4) Logistics and Transportation will gain prominence. The fleets in our sector have been vital during 2020 to avoid shortages during the confinement phases. And they will also be in this 2021. For example, in the important role that they will play in the distribution of vaccines.

In addition, the route optimization and distribution processes will continue.

5) Digitization will increase in the heavy vehicle sector, as so far it is less than in other industries. At the moment the fleets that have telematics represent 19% of the total.

The Draft Law on Sustainable Mobility and Transport Financing provides for aid and subsidies to enhance this digitization, although companies are still evaluating the returns on these investments.

TSB transporte y logística Geotab
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