The I Spanish congress of Smart Roads

TSB transporte y logística I Congreso Smart Roads

The I Spanish congress of Smart Roads

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At the end of last December, the 1st Spanish Smart Roads congress organized by the Spanish Road Association was held in Madrid.

During the congress, presentations were made in which various topics were discussed.

One of the first presentations that took place was the one on connectivity for environmental and safety improvement, in which Ángeles Marín, director of the Technical Office of the Strategy for Sustainable and Connected Mobility of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Agenda, participated. Urbana (MITMA).

The presentation served to highlight the significant growth of urban areas where cities continue their unstoppable growth while rural areas, and even medium-sized towns, persist in their depopulation, and how this fact is an important challenge for transport already that the difficulty grows when the demand of the transport disperses.

Another of the presentations was about what the current user demands are, such as the implementation of more intelligent tolls or the creation of applications to avoid distractions for drivers in addition to providing road information, such as accidents on the road, lanes cut …

Or the physical and digital adaptation of the road network. Where they discussed topics such as digitalization, the improvement of connectivity for the future of autonomous cars and how 5G will help its implementation and growth due to its low latency levels. Or how the General Directorate of Roads itself is digitizing its management.

Other topics on which different presentations were developed were mobility in times of Covid19, how clean cities of the future should be, or how to implement smart services for citizens.

For all those who want to know all the details here we leave you a link where you can download a document with the summary (only Spanish available).

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