New maximum measures for truck cabins

Posted by TSB

Recently the European Parliament and the Council reached a principle of agreement to be able to modify the current maximum dimensions of the tractor cabins and the rigid trucks. Cabins of greater dimensions without increasing the load capacity.

The objective pursued with this agreement is to achieve greater security for drivers, as well as for the rest of the users. At the same time, the aerodynamic behavior on the road is improved.

Violeta Bulc, the Commissioner of Transport said that with these measures aims to achieve that these cabins save between 300 and 500 lives per year. We must not forget that trucks represent 2% of the total of vehicles on European roads and are involved in up to 15% of accidents.

This new measure also aims to achieve a 10% reduction in long distance emissions.

If this principle of agreement finally materializes, it is foreseen that this type of cabinets can be commercialized as of September 1, 2020

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