Manufacture of commercial vehicles in the month of April

Posted by TSB

Recently Anfac (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Automobiles and Trucks) has published the data related to the manufacture of commercial vehicles during the month of April.

In April, the production of commercial and industrial vehicles broke the growth trend for the month of March. Manufacturing has fallen by 15.22%. The units manufactured in the month of April have been 42,305.

The manufacture of light commercial vehicles fell by 16.4%. 21,115 units were manufactured.

As for heavy industrial vehicles, 24.1% less were manufactured. And the trucks are still the vehicles that fall the most. 60% fewer units were manufactured.

The units of commercial and industrial vehicles exported have also fallen notably, 15.28%, than in the same month of the previous year. Accounting for exports a total of 29,636 units.

Only heavy industrial vehicles experienced a growth of 8.42% with respect to the same period of the previous year.

If you want to access all the data published by ANFAC, here is the link: ANFAC.

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