Industrial vehicle registrations grow in October 2019

Posted by TSB

The registrations of industrial vehicles grew in Spain by 18% during the month of October. Total sales in units amounted to 3,536 vehicles compared to 2,997 units in the same period of the previous year according to Anfac data,

Sales of light commercial vehicles (between 3.5 tons and 6 tons) decreased 29.2% (46 vehicles). The average industrial vehicles (more than 6 tons and up to 16 tons) fell 17.1% in October (252 units).

In the heavy market (more than 16 tons), 3,536 units were sold 23.2% more than in the same period of the previous year. Within this group, rigid vehicles reflected 27.3% sales growth (452 ​​units). And the tractor units, which make up the most demanded segment in our country, in October an increase of 22.6% (2,786 units)

If we look at the accumulated of the year, sales increased 0.9%, with a total of 20,650 units sold, compared to 20,466 vehicles that were sold in the same period during the year 2018.

In this link you can download the press release of Anfac with all the data (only available in Spanish).

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