12,000 professional drivers are needed in Germany

Posted by TSB

The German association BGL has denounced the lack of professional drivers and parking lots in the road transport sector in Germany.

According to BGL, in 2018 more than 18,100 people got a truck driver’s license in Germany, but about 30,000 professional drivers retire every year.

The demand for drivers continues to grow year after year due to the increase in the transport of goods by road, but the high number of professionals is not enough to cover this increase in demand.

As causes of the lack of drivers BGL highlights the lack of attractiveness of the profession because of the little social recognition it has in Germany. Among the reasons for this unattractive are the negative working conditions. As they can be, the long waiting times in the loading and unloading ramps, and the long waiting times in the pallet exchange. As in some cases the conditions of poor hygiene in which the activity is performed.

To try to improve the image of driving professionals and give the profession a more attractive image, the association launched the “PROFI – Pro Driver Image” initiative in the spring of 2019.

The objectives are to increase the appreciation of the driver’s profession, improve working conditions for the driver and improve the overall logistics image, as well as promote the training and qualification of professional drivers in the transport of cargo and passengers.

In addition, they want an important part of companies and organizations, as well as drivers and others close to the transportation industry to become members of PROFI associaton. BGL also recalled that on German highways, between 35,000 and 40,000 parking lots are missing for this type of vehicle, a problem that they have been exposing since 2002.

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