Volvo Trucks launches a wide range of electric trucks in Europe

Posted by TSB

Volvo Trucks will market in Europe by 2021 its new range of 100% electric heavy-duty trucks.

For Volvo Trucks to start selling its 100% electric heavy-duty trucks in Europe from 2021 on is a major step towards electrification of heavy-duty trucks and emission-free professional transport.

The sale of this type of vehicle will begin around mid-2021 and its manufacture in early 2022. And it is planned that a wide range of electric trucks with batteries will be marketed for different uses, such as distribution operations, waste collection, regional transport and urban construction.

These first trucks are focused on regional transport since the maximum autonomy they will have will be up to 300 kilometers. Later, the hydrogen fuel cell trucks will arrive, which will be trucks destined for long-distance transit.

As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, an important part of the emissions caused by vehicles is caused by the transport of goods. Therefore, one of the most important objectives is to electrify professional road transport.

For this reason, most of the commercial and industrial vehicle manufacturers are working on the development of new environmentally friendly vehicles.

Volvo Trucks is aware that to reduce the impact of freight transport on the environment, a rapid transition from fossil fuels to other alternatives such as electricity must be carried out.

And that one of the most important variables for this change to occur quickly will be the financial incentives for these new ecological vehicles, as well as access to the charging infrastructure and the type of transport operations to be carried out.

Volvo Trucks plans to sell hydrogen trucks by 2025 and in the long term aims to have its entire model range free from the use of fossil fuels as early as 2040.

Volvo Trucks already started manufacturing the Volvo FL Electric and Volvo FE Electric in 2019. These are electric trucks for urban distribution and garbage collection operations, mainly in Europe.

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