Shortage of professional drivers

Posted by TSB

The IRU has just released its latest annual driver shortage survey based on 800 trucking companies in more than 20 countries. It clearly reflects the pressing need for professional drivers on a global scale.

In its report, it highlights that the shortage of professional drivers is most pressing in Europe and Asia, where on average 20% of the driver vacancies that are needed are not covered.

In Europe, the truck driver positions that have not been filled have been reduced from 24% in 2019 to 7% in 2020. For this 2021, companies expect a driver deficit of 17% due to the recovery of the economic situation and the increased transportation needs, which will increase demand.

Among the main reasons for this already chronic shortage of professional drivers we find: lack of training, poor working conditions and the unattractiveness of the profession today, which is incapable of attracting young people or women. Today only 2% of truck drivers worldwide are women.

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