TSB's ethical commitment

Commitment to honesty, respect, accountability and quality

At TSB, we are committed to acting with integrity, honesty, and transparency, fostering trust-based relationships with all our stakeholders. Our commitment is rooted in the values we share and our ethical culture.

Additionally, we provide the Ethical Channel, a confidential platform that TSB offers to all our stakeholders to address inquiries related to the ethical code and report any violations.

canal etico

Ethical code

Our Ethical Code encompasses the values, principles, and standards of behavior of TSB, governing relationships with its key stakeholders.

The Ethical Code is mandatory for employees and collaborators, as it is an essential element for consolidating our culture based on business excellence.

Canal ético

In order to promote compliance with the Ethical Code, TSB has created the Ethical Channel, a secure communication channel that encourages direct communication with the Ethics Committee.

Through this channel, anyone associated with TSB can raise inquiries or reports regarding possible irregularities in compliance with the Ethical Code. All inquiries or reports received will be handled by the Ethics Committee.