At TSB, we are committed to acting with integrity, honesty, and transparency, and to building relationships of trust with all our stakeholders, which is why we provide the Code of Ethics, to guide our actions when questions arise about the way we do things.


We also provide the Ethics Channel, a confidential channel that TSB makes available to all our stakeholders to raise issues relating to the Code of Ethics and to report non-compliance.


Our Code of Ethics sets out TSB’s values, principles and standards of behaviour that govern our relationships with our key stakeholders.


The Code of Ethics is mandatory for employees and collaborators, as it is an essential element in strengthening our culture based on business excellence.


To promote compliance with the Code of Ethics, TSB has established the Ethics Channel, a secure communication channel that facilitates direct communication with the Ethics Committee.


Through this channel, anyone who has a relationship with TSB can make enquiries or complaints regarding possible irregularities in compliance with the Code of Ethics. All inquiries or complaints received will be handled by the Ethics Committee.

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