Freight Forwarding Company in Spain

Send your products all over Europe from Spain, within 48 / 96 hours.

International transport

International B2B transport service

We ship pallets and parcels with route vehicles that interlink the distribution platforms on a daily basis, ensuring compliance with the established transit-time.

Empresa de Transporte de Mercancías Internacional

Real-time shipment information

Full shipment traceability

Countries with daily connection in Europe

Transport B2B to Europe

Find out about our extensive network of daily road haulage services throughout Europe.

Poland: 72 h

Germany: 48 h

France: 48 h

Italy: 48 h

Benelux: 72 h

Austria: 72 h

Sweden: 96 h

Slovakia: 96 h

Hungary: 96 h

Finland: 96 h

Denmark: 72 h

Latvia: 96 h

Estonia: 96 h

Lithuania: 96 h

Czech Republic: 72h

Connected with your goods

Transparency combined with technological innovation contributes to improving service quality. Consult the traceability of your shipments through our portal where you can generate and download data files with all the information on the shipments made.

Online management

Through our portal you can generate and download data files with all the information of the shipments made.

Secure and direct access to the traceability of your shipments.

¿Why TSB?

At TSB we want to help you with your national and international parcel and pallet transportation needs.

Global Service

We provide a global service covering national and international scope, offering integral logistic solutions. Our extensive logistics network ensures the efficient and safe delivery of your products and we also comply with ADR and SEVESO standards, guaranteeing the safe transportation of any type of goods, reflecting our commitment to safety and quality in all our operations.


We pride ourselves on maintaining a high compliance rate, exceeding 97%, ensuring that your expectations are always met. We use key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure and continuously improve our services. We closely monitor every stage of the logistics process, ensuring maximum reliability and efficiency. In addition, we are committed to constantly improving our processes through self-assessment and implementation of improvements.


We offer comprehensive solutions for shipment management, highlighting the online traceability and real-time tracking of shipments and through our TSBtrack platform we provide access to relevant information of the goods at all times with total transparency. We also have specialized support from Driver Support, guaranteeing fluid communication and quality service for drivers.

Personalized service

Our commitment to customer service is comprehensive, offering direct and personalized attention both nationally and internationally. With a presence in 52 delegations, we guarantee a close and efficient service in each location. In addition, we stand out for offering a completely personalized service that provides ad hoc solutions, which are adapted to the specific needs of each client.