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New Man Truck TGM26.360E

Recently MAN Truck & Bus Company announced a new all-electric truck model. The new TGM 26.360 E. This delivery truck is Man’s first truck that is propelled solely by electricity.

The new TGM 26.360 E is a rigid 6 × 2 vehicle with an electric motor that is located in the frame. It generates a power of 264 kW (360 hp), with a maximum of 3,100 nm.

It has 12 lithium-ion batteries, manufactured by the Volkswagen group and located along the frame, with a capacity of 185 kWh. That gives the TGM an autonomy of 180 km away.

To calculate this autonomy Man has considered a real use of the truck with a payload of 12 tons, the refrigerated box in operation, the tail lift, which also works electrically, or air conditioning.

The maximum load is 26 tons.

It has a fast charge, so it can be fully charged from scratch in about 90 minutes. It can be charged in both alternating current at 22kW and 44 kW, and in direct current up to 150 kW of power.

An indicator in the cabin informs the driver at all times about the state of charge of the batteries.

This type of trucks, as most manufacturers agree, is the future of logistics transport. Both urban in the short term, and interurban in the medium term.

They are heavy vehicles that when they circulate are completely free of polluting emissions while having the same payload as a conventional truck.

Also, they are very silent. Therefore, in the medium term, it can allow daytime transportation of the cargo from the logistics center, where it is stored, to the local distribution center, to become a night transport.

There are many advantages, which we have already talked about on other occasions, especially for last mile transportation. As: not to disturb the rest of the neighbors, at the same time as less night traffic on the road to achieve better delivery times, while reducing daytime traffic for the rest of the users.

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