We are more than 1,500 people working in 53 hubs.

We are a group of people working as a team to make the world move at the speed our customers demand. At TSB we are more than 1,500 people committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability, sharing our concerns, and making the company a more diverse and inclusive place.







The people who work at TSB are the driving force; we all share the same values and commitment to excellence.


Meet our people

Hi, I’m Marta Farrero.

I am responsible for communications and I joined TSB in January 2023.
At TSB, I am responsible for designing and organising everything related to TSB from the point of view of the company’s image. Every project I take on gives me a new opportunity to contribute my ideas and viewpoint, which makes my day very dynamic.

Hello, I’m Carlos Bote.

I’m a Logistics Manager and I’ve been with TSB since 2018.
My main role in TSB is to ensure the proper functioning of logistics and to manage SEVESO’s warehouses in Madrid. In TSB, I have had a very positive evolution, having been able to pass through different positions in a short period of time, thanks to the help of a great team and, above all, the trust that TSB has placed in me.

Hi, I’m Elena Such.

I joined TSB in April 2022 and as Commercial Manager I am responsible for promoting TSB’s transport and logistics services to potential new clients, as well as keeping companies informed of new developments and analysing accounts and providing solutions to any incidents.
My career at TSB has been very rewarding. I learn from the industry and my colleagues every day.

Hi, I’m Sergi Busón.

I have been part of TSB since 2015. I joined the company as an intern and after 6 months I had the opportunity to continue my training as an administrative assistant. A year later, I was offered the position where I am currently working as a Financial Controller. My job is to set up control mechanisms to optimise and detect errors in TSB’s accounting procedures. Working in this company is challenging as no two days are the same.

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