Renewal of the title of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (ADR)

One of the consequences of the health crisis and the activation of the state of alarm was the stoppage by the Autonomous Communities of all the exams for obtaining and renewing the different official titles necessary for the exercise of the activity.
Among them, obtaining or renewing the title of Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (ADR), which is usually convened annually during the first half of the year.

Although it was established, through a multilateral agreement between the different signatory States of the ADR agreement, an extension of the validity of all the safety adviser training certificates whose validity ends between March 1, 2020 and November 1, 2020, which extended its validity until next November 30, the CCAA will convene the exams for this last four-month period of 2020.

Those who wish to attend the exams will be able to start their online training through the School of Transportation, which as a novelty includes live and deferred master classes.

In order to obtain the official title of ADR Security Advisor, in its different specialties and modes of transport, it is necessary to pass an official exam that the Autonomous Communities annually convene. Once obtained, the degree must be renewed every 5 years.

The figure of the Safety Advisor is mandatory in all those companies that operate in the dangerous goods transport sector. Its main task is to investigate any means and promote any action necessary to facilitate the performance of activities carried out with dangerous goods, respecting the applicable provisions and in optimal safety conditions, advising the company at all times, and with the obligation to to write an annual report on the activities carried out.

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