Committed to sustainable transport

We integrate sustainability into the strategic and operational objectives of the TSB. This involves all departments and delegations that are part of our network.   At TSB, we are committed to reducing the intensity of our footprint through actions that have a positive impact on the environment.

We measure the carbon footprint

We calculate the emissions generated by our activities in order to reduce their impact and achieve environmentally responsible management. Similarly, we measure the impact of the services we provide to each client, which we calculate to reduce.


We publish our carbon footprint using Scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the GHG Protocol.

Eco-efficient warehouses and offices with LED lighting and photovoltaic power generation

We use energy efficiently and sustainably. We maximise natural lighting with the aim of minimizing the use of artificial lighting and use light sensors in warehouses and offices. We have reduced our electricity consumption by 30% by switching to LED lighting and we are promoting the use of photovoltaic power generation, which reduces our dependence on conventional energy and helps to protect the environment. For this reason, 700kW have been installed in our branches, allowing us to save 30% of grid consumption.

Eco-efficient transport: outes and vehicles

To optimise our routes, we use technological processes that allow us to obtain more precise data on the goods.

We reduce non-value-added emissions by monitoring and replanning replanning journeys to avoid “empty runs”. We have sustainability KPIs in our network. These allow us to take immediate action to reduce our footprint. We also have a continuous fleet renewal plan to keep the average age of our own and third party trucks low. Reduce CO2 emissions and harmful gases.

Our certifications

Ecovadis 2023

TSB has been awarded the silver medal in the Ecovadis 2023 rating in the 91% percentile of the companies evaluated.

Ecovadis is the international corporate sustainability rating that assesses the environment, labour practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing of companies. Ecovadis assesses and compares all types of companies in the supply chain, allowing us to understand our performance with details of relevant strengths and areas for improvement. It also identifies imbalances and deviations in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and provides input for the review of our organisational strategy.

With the results of the assessment, we are charting a course of continuous improvement with annual reassessments, confirming that TSB is on the right track.

EFQM 300+

At TSB we are EFQM 300+ certified.

EFQM is an excellent, innovative, and sustainable management model. It is part of the Total Quality Management Systems, with continuous improvement, listening to the customer, risk management and document maintenance for collaborative and objective work. Environmental sustainability is part of the organisation’s strategy and is present in all areas.

An advantage of the EQFM Model and one from which we derive more benefit compared to other TQM systems, such as ISO 9001, still in its latest version, are the residuals that it confronts us with due to its more complete vision, with importance to the achievement of objectives through chains. cause and effect, starting from strategy, planning and management, through all internal and external stakeholders of the organisation.